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Automatic Cigarette Overwrapping Machine LGB-200A

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Usage of Automatic Cigarette Overwrapping Machine:
This automatic cigarette overwrapping machine is widely used in cosmetics, medicines, food, health supplies, audio-visual products, stationery, daily necessities and other cassette packaging items of three-dimensional wrapped package.
Performance Characteristics of Transparent Film Cigarettes Box Wrapping Machine.
Applicable material of this cigarette overwrapping machine is cellophane and OPP coating film, gerenal equipment for 3D packing of cardboard boxes with various specifications. Transparent paper (film) with a folding pulling wire printed holographic laser graphic or logo on the cord, after adhesive paste, can be easily manufactured goods to fold and the anti-counterfeiting function. The machine is suitable for medicine, health care products, nutritional supplements, food, daily cosmetics, stationery, VCD, tape, poker, cigarettes and other small items in a box, is a kind of ideal cassette 3 d packaging equipment.
cigarette overwrapping machine
Advantages of Automatic Cigarette Overwrapping Machine:
1. Replacing mold without adjusting work surface height on both sides, without disassembling the chain, put the hopper, just 30 minutes now can change the mould.
2. Adopt double insurance institutions, even boxes get stuck, no need downtime can also ensure synchronous machine operation.
3. Running stability, high reliability, and almost no maintenance.
4. Strong adaptability, this overwrapping machine can complete dozens of specifications of packing boxes with low mould price.
cellophane packing machine
Automatic Cigarette Overwrapping Machine LGB-200A:
Packing Material: Cellophane(BOPP heat sealing film)
Packaging speed: 40-80boxes/min
Packing size: L: 50-120mm * W: 20-100mm * H: 10-50mm
Power:220V 50HZ
Total power: 4.5kw
Shape dimension: 2000*790*1550mm
Machine's weight: 750Kg


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