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Ice Lolly Filling Sealing Machine To Philippines

Editor:Ella, time:2016-09-28 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
June 16 from the Philippines customer, bought three sets of jelly filling sealing machine in our company, filling jelly buy this machine, the customer is manufactured popsicles, ice cream manufacturers, ask the sender to MANILA port because the port closest to him, of course we often cooperate shipping company, sea freight cost is low, and this is our pre-delivery of pictures, packaging materials meet the export quarantine requirements.

packing speed:60-160bags/min
packing range: 5-200ml
film width:≤280mm
making bag size:L:50-330mm,W:15-130mm
machine dimension: L1580*W600*H1800mm
Stocking period: 7days work
Payment:electronic funds transfer
(we cam accept Western union, T / T, LC are accepted..)
Port: manila port
(we can send to the customer designated ports)
Packaging Materials: We adopt the export standard wooden packing
Installation: installation brochures and operation manuals with detailed description will be provided. If necessary, we will send our technicians abroad for further help.

Introduction of Jelly Sticks Filling Machine:
1.This machine is mainly used in jelly, liquid ice lolly, pure water, milk, soy sauce, vinegar, and medical and chemical liquid quantitative packaging can automatically complete olenoid valve control flow measuring--coding (optional)--bag making--filling--sealing--counting. 
2.Computer/PLC control system, photoelectric tracking, maximizes the whole machine’s control precision, reliability and the intellectualized degree. The packing size,weight can be adjustable. Also, can be customize according to clients special requires.
3.Has fault display system, easy to operate and maintain. Safety protection.
4.Machine body and all food touching part are made by stainless steel. Have high popular in Europe, South Africa, etc.
Computer/PLC control system, photoelectric tracking, maximize the whole machine's control precision, reliability and the intellectualized degree. 


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