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Sachet Water Packaging Machine Price

Editor:Katherine time:2016-09-28 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
sachet water packaging machineOne-stop-shopping for Water Sachet Packaging Machine, LONGER Autopackm.com offers customized design service for all our customers for all types of packaging machine.
Characteristic of this Sachet Water Packaging Machine:
• Multi-functional usage,suitable for food, cosmetic, medicine and chemical industry and all kinds of viscosity even though soft compound. Its merit is fast, accurate, economic and practical.
• Three-side seal, Four side seal and Back seal-packing method
• Valve piston pump filling meter
• Film disinfection, liquid disinfection
• Packing Materials: PET/PE,PET/PET AL/PE,PET/AL/PE,Paper/PE,BOPP/PE,nylon and other heat seal material,Thickness≤8 wire, core inner diameter of 75mm.coil outside diameter≤300mm.
• The finished packed products are elegant and reliable, hygiene and security.
• It can automatically finish making-bag, metering, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and printing batch number.
• The body and the parts touching the material are made of stainless steel, with capacity 20-60bags.minute.

Sachet water using food-grade special composite film packaging, under great pressure, not damaged, single-use, fundamentally eliminate drinking water "secondary pollution." Bags of drinking water is bottled drinking water upgrades. Sachets of drinking water hygiene requirements attached together using soft plastic composite film packaging, rigid packaging with respect to the use of bottled drinking water and sticks are concerned, it is also known as soft water bag flexible packaging drinking water. Advantages bags of water, was first used as a NASA astronaut drinking water, followed by water bags for safety, health, flexible and convenient, flexible packaging drinking water in Western countries has been the popularity of fast, France, 60% of households using flexible packaging drinking water (also called overseas the bag of water)
Compared to bottled water, Sachet water is the water by atmospheric pressure is positive pressure water, bottled water is replaced by air-water effluent, negative pressure water; Sachet water is full sealed, from beginning to end is not in contact with air, to avoid secondary pollution, drinking bottled water is wide open drinking, drinking from the bucket full of water became a full bucket of air in the process and its essence is a contaminated process water, so bottled water "secondary pollution" problem can not be avoided. Sealed bags of water with positive pressure closed drink water, drink the whole process closed, when the water without "gas, water displacement," so there is no air to enter the complete elimination of "secondary pollution", always ensure that consumers drink fresh healthy water. The core technology of the whole machine is sealed closed drink dispenser in the design of self-decompression balloon, the balloon will be reduced from the drink machine with heating pressure for automatic size adjustment. Click on the image to watch the closed drink machine animation illustrations. The market more is 7.5L. Outline Package suitable, the user can finish in the short term.

The price of sachet water packaing machine will be vary due to different capacities, shipping methods, and other factors. LONGER Autopackm.com offers adjustable cpacities of sachet water packing machine with resonable price and longer lifespan.


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