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Jelly Sticks Filling Sealing Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2016-09-28 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
jelly sticks filling sealing machine
On the jelly stick filling sealing line, the liquid jelly flows by gravity into the package. Before jelly can be dipensed out from the hopper, a solenoid valve is used to control the amount of jelly flow. The jelly filling can be sealed on three sides, four sides, or along the centerline of the back of the bag. Jelly stick fillin sealing machine is often with complex requierements to meet. Hence, it is impossilbe to calculate the cost involbed in the construction project unless customers can supply us with all the nessary parameters.
Jelly, also known Shili, the main ingredient is water and carrageenan, like women and children because of the appearance of crystal clear, bright color, taste creamy, sweet and moist and well received. Jelly not only look cute, but also a low calorie healthy foods high in dietary fiber.
Jelly into fruit-based, fruit juice, pulp type, milk type and other type of jelly. Fruity Jelly refers to less than 15% juice content jelly; jelly fruit juice means the juice content of not less than 15% of the jelly; pulpy jelly those containing not less than 15% natural fruit pieces or natural fruit jelly ; add milk jelly jelly refers to milk or dairy products from the processing of raw materials; other jelly jelly means other than the type described above. The first observation of eating jelly, should be no visible foreign matter, have normal color, with its variety of consistent flavor, no smell. Jelly foods contain more dietary fiber, is an internationally recognized functional food material, on human health is very helpful. However, due to the current jelly products add some artificial chemical compounds, so children should not eat too much, it is best not to let children under 1 year of eating jelly.

This jelly stick filling sealing machine is with two models LG-330Y with capacity 30-80pcs/minute, and LG-330TY with capacity 60-160pcs/minute. It is multi-functional, which can also be used to filling and sealing liquid ice lolly, pure water, milk, soy sauce, vinegar into bar shape.


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