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Automatic A4 Copy Paper Cutting Machine For Sale

Editor:Katherine time:2019-03-14 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
Performance and Characteristics of Automatic A4 Copy Paper Cutting Machine which is suitable for Large roll Original Paper material cut. 
1. This machine adopts PLC touch screen control, servo motor(Huichuan Brand), control, fixed-length cut.
2. Transmission using pneumatic, photoelectric sensors, centralized control, the machine set of light, electricity, gas one, simple, shear and high precision, mechanical stability, low noise.
3. Motor speed regulation, automatic counting, alarm stop, and magnetic tension control. Can longitudinal sections of cutting, waste side with fan automatically excluded.
paper cutting machine
Paper Cutting Machine Key Configuration:
1) The maximum diameter of 1200mm 
2) Unwinding structure:The Pneumatic automatic feeding. 
3) Unwinding tension:use magnetic control 20KG
4) six set of length knives and one set of cross-cutting knife 
5) low High-speed paper feeding system 
6) Automatic waste paper edge remove device 
7) automatic sorting machinery, transport equipment 
8) equipped with automatic stop device off paper
9) PLC to make paper counting device 
10) PLC process control system 
11) Four photoelectric eye correction system
12) Four rolls of vertical and horizontal cut at the same time.
13)Transmission: Arc tooth synchronous belt
15) Automatic manipulator and auto transfer the 500 sheet one by one.

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