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Automatic Rotary Cement Packing Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-06-20 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
Autopackm.com offer two types of automatic rotary cement packing machines: LG-6 and LG-8. Cement packing machine is a kind of special equipment of bagged cement production required, to complete the automatic packaging of cement, can also be used to wrap the other flow performance good powder material (such as fly ash, cement additive, etc.) so it still is widely used in small and medium-sized cement plant.
automatic rotary cement packing machine
LG-6 rotary cement packing machine with capacity 60-90tons/h adopts frequency control of the main drive system, turning the center into the material structure, mechanical and electrical integration of computer-controlled bodies and automatic metering devices. In addition to the equipment manual plug-in, the cement bags pressing, gate opening, cement filling, lost bags and other functions can be automated. And, no sidekicks, no filling, the bag weighs less than a calibrated value can not afford bags; bags accidentally fall off the gate immediately shut down automatically. Make the device easier to do gymnastics; maintenance is more convenient to reach a stable performance, accurate measurement, ash fast, good sealing, and energy efficient features. So, this automatic rotary cement packing machine is ideal for filling bags of cement plant equipment.
LG-8 automatic rotary cement packing machine with capacity Capacity:80-150tons/h is mainly composed of the feeding device, upper transmission device, power supply system, rotary silo, weighing system, discharging device, hanging device, shutter control mechanism and rotary plate, rotary positioning device, dust-collecting hopper, electric control cabinet and other parts.
automatic rotary cement packing machine


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