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A4 Copy Paper Cutting and Packaging Machine|Copy Paper Making Plant

  • Material:paper
  • Capacity:cutting 10-100times/min,packaging 10-15pieces/minute
  • Loading Port:Qingdao port
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This set of A4 Copy Paper Cutting and Packaging Machine is consisted of Paper Cutting Machine and Paper Packaging Machine.
paper cutting machine
Advertage of the Paper Cutting Machine:
1. This machine is suitable for cutting original paper roll.
2. This machine adopts PLC touch screen control, servo motor(Huichuan Brand), control, fixed-length cut.
3. Transmission using pneumatic, photoelectric sensors, centralized control, the machine set of light, electricity, gas one, simple, shear and high precision, mechanical stability, low noise.
4. Motor speed regulation, automatic counting, alarm stop, and magnetic tension control. Can longitudinal sections of cutting, waste side with fan automatically excluded.
Paper Packaging Machine: The machine using material is cellophane and OPP Film, is a common machine for packaging different specifications of hard paper packing box. Transparent paper/film and a printed graphic or holographic laser mark folding line are bonded by adhesive, convenient for unpacking and anti-counterfeiting. This cellophane packaging machine relys on a series of cams within the machine, which drive a variety of connecting rod and components to complete working. It uses multi-function digital frequency stepless speed control, PLC programming control technology, automatic feeding box, automatic counting, touch display to achieve human-computer interface. Pneumatic falling film, at the same time many boxs packing, machine is working stable. 

Technical Data
Paper Cutting Machine Model LGJX-1300
  Effective width 1300mm
  Maximum diameter of raw materials Φ1200mm
  Paper Weight Range 75-85g roll paper
  Cutting specification A3(420*297)mm
  Cutting speed 10-100times/min
  Cutting precision ±0.5mm
  Total power 20kw
  Weight 7500kg
  Dimensions(L×W×H) 17500*2250*2000mm
Paper Packaging Machine Model LG-297C
  Packing Speed 10-15pcs/min
  Packing Specification 297*210*(48-60)mm
(If based on A4 paper, pack 500pcs)
  Voltage 220V, 50Hz, Single Phase
380V, 50Hz, Three Phases
  Power 4.5kw
  Air Pressure 0.4Mpa
  Dimension 3200*1100*1900mm
  Weight 1200KG
  Suitable Film Inner Roll Diameter 76mm
Roll Film Max Diameter is 800mm


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