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Semi-automatic Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Equipment CK-BTB-Ⅱ

  • Application:Cigarette case,cosmetic box,perfume box,pencils
  • Country Of Origin:China
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Semi-automatic perfume box wrapping machine is mainly suitable for the appearance of decorative packaging in tobacco, medicine, food, health care products, cosmetics, audio and video products, any kind square boxed items.
The cellophane wrapping machine can pack chewing gum, health products, tea box, sugar box, condoms, rubber, mosquito repellent incense, cigarette, tape, VCD (CD) disc, playing cards, transparent soap, etc.
perfume box wrapping machine

Features of semi-auto perfume over wrapping machine:
1. Reasonable compact structure, stable performance is advanced, convenient operation and maintenance
2. Adopt servo motor to the length of the film can set any film; To overcome the sheet semi-automatic high cost and the trouble problems of film
3. Mould replacement is convenient and flexible
4. With automatic feeding and automatic counting function etc
5. Transmission part is equipped with all kinds of protection devices and fault prompt.
cellophane over wrapping machine price
Advantages of semi-automatic cellophane wrapping machine
〇 Moisture proof, dustproof, oil proof, anti-counterfeiting.
〇 Enhance the market competitiveness of products, increase sales, and increase the added value of products.


The whole set of cellophane box wrapping machine is compact in structure, small in space, light in weight, and the packaging space is almost unlimited. Cellophane perfume over wrapping machine is moisture-proof, dust-proof, prevent oil ,security function .
Technical Data
Model CK-BTB-Ⅱ
Packing speed 10-25 boxes/min
Packing range L(80-300)*W(50-200)*H(20-100)mm
Power 4KW
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Machine weight 200KG
Machine dimensions 1900*800*1200mm


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