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Cassette Case Wrapping Machine|Audio Cassette Cellophane Packing Equipment

  • Material:Cassette Case
  • Capacity:40-80bag/min
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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Automatic cassette case wrapping machine is with beautifully packaged, diverse modular design, which can be used to pack range of box sizes, like perfume box, tea box, phone box, gift box, medicine box, cosmetic box, card case, candy box, perfume box, etc. This machine adopts imported digital display frequency converter and electrical components, which has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, firm sealing, and smooth appearance. The item can be automatically wrapped, heat sealed, counted, and automatically affixed with a piece of anti-counterfeit and easy-to-use fasteners.
cassette case wrapping machine
Audio cassette cellophane packing equipment is mainly used for the packaging of square boxed articles in medicine, food, health care products, cosmetics, stationery, audio-visual products and other industries. Wraps such as cigarettes, cosmetics, kits, chewing gum, health products, tea, sugar cubes, condoms, erasers, mosquito coils, tapes, VCD (CD) discs, playing cards, sticky notes, transparent soap, square batteries, floppy disks, etc. It plays the role of anti-counterfeiting and moisture-proof, and improves the appearance of the product and increases the added value of the product.
audio cassette packing machine

Video of Audio Cassette Wrapping Machine:

Technical Data
Model LGBTB-300C
Capacity 40-80bag/min
Packing Material BOPP
Lenth of Packing size(mm) 50-240mm
width of Packing size((mm) 20-140mm
high of Packing size((mm) 10-80mm
size(mm) 3000*800*1500mm
Weight 600kg
Total power 5kw
Power 220v(50hz)


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