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Automatic Soap Box Cellophane Over Wrapping Machine BTB-350

  • Application:soap,cigarette box,cosmetics box etc
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Phone/WhatsApp 0086-18538123076
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The soap box cellophane overwrapping machine can be used for packing various items: Cigarette case, phone case, cosmetic case, parts, playing card, gift box, tea box and so on. Cellophane 3d Box Packaging Machine ulterize hoppers and conveyor system to supply packing product, finish product packing by though film supply, cut film, folding, packet, heat sealing, reshaping, outlet etc. After folding of both sides, using adhesive sealing means to achieve sealing, moisture proof, decorating packaging effect.
soap box over wrapping machine for sale
Main features of soap cellophane over wrapping machine:
Transparent film and opening line printed with a graphic or holographic laser logo (commonly known as the gold drawing line, unsealed line), after the adhesion of adhesive paste, this machine can get easily opening and anti-counterfeiting effect.
soap box over wrapping machine

Performance characteristics of soap cellophane wrapping machine:
This soap over wrapping machine is mainly aimed at packaging long box-shaped items. It is equipped with a film upright blowing structure to make the wrapping of the long sealing interface more stable. At the same time, it can be used for double-box side-by-side packaging, which makes the utilization rate and added value of the whole machine more high. It is suitable for the automatic film packaging of single medium and large box-type items in various industries (with gold cable).
Technical Data
Model CK-BTB-350
Packing speed 30-60 boxes / minute
Packaging material BOPP film / anti-counterfeit gold wire
Product Height 10-50mm
Machine Size 2000*800*1400mm
Machine Weight 600kg
Power 5kw
Voltage 220v(50hz)


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