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Agarbatti Box Overwrapping Machine|Toothpick Box Packaging Machine

  • Application:BOPP
  • Country Of Origin:China
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Agarbatti Box Overwrapping Machine is a kind of cellophane packaging machine, which can be used to pack various sizes of boxes, including toothpick box, tongue depressor box, cotton buds box, honey sachet box, perfume box, cigarette box, medicine boxes, chewing gum, tea box, sugar box, condoms, mosquito-repellent incense, cigarette packs, tape, VCD discs (CDS), playing cards, transparent soap,etc. This box over wrapping machine is mainly suitable for outer film package of pharmaceutical, food, health care products, cosmetics, audio-visual products, and other square appearance decoration items.
agarbatti box wrapping machine

Features Of Automatic Agarbatti Box Overwrapping Machine
1. The structure is compact and reasonable, advanced stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance;
2. Adopt multi-function digital frequency inverter, and stepless variable speed;
3. The mould replacement is convenient, flexible;
4. With automatic feeder, automatic counting, etc;
5. The driving part is equipped with all kinds of protection devices and fault prompt;
6. Equipped with commissioning the clutch of film, do not waste packing material.

Technical Data
Model CKBTB-350
Packaging material  BOPP film and gold wire
Packing speed  30-60bags/min
Maximum package size  (L)300×(W)120×(H)60mm  
Power and total power  220V 50Hz  5kw 
Machine weight  600kg 
Machine dimensions (L)2000×(W)800×(H)1400mm 


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