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Automatic Granola Chocolate Bar Pillow Type Flow Wrapping Machine

  • Application:chocolate,granola,candy,biscuit,cookie
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Phone/WhatsApp 0086-18538123076
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Automatic granola chocolate bar flow wrapping machine is pillow type packing, multi-functional for packing biscuit, candy, bread, small cookies, peanut brittle, sesame candy, granola bar.etc The Automatic chocolate bar flow packing machine is controlled by touch screen controller with human-machine interface, and is easy to set parameter, works in high speed with high efficiency. 
pillow type packing
Main features of Chocolate Bar Packaging Machine:
1. The chocolate bar packing machine is with Self alarm display the malfunction.
2. The constant temperature control and intelligent control.
3. The machine for packing chocolate bar adopt dual frequency conversion controller, the length of bag can be set and cut at any time without the need to adjust trail operation. It is time saving and film saving.
4. The chocolate packing machine can set the machine stopping position, no sticking to the knife and no film wasted.
chocolate bar wrapping machine
○PLC control, high sensor photoeletric colorcode tracing.
○ Excellent performance, simple operation and high-speed packing .
○ Color touch screen;highest pillow type packing machine in china.
○ Gear system besides double-frequency conveter controller, making machine simpler operation and more stable, when high-speed working.
Technical Data
Model CKZS320
Film Width Max. 320mm
Bag length 65-330mm
Bag width 50-160mm
Film Diameter Max. 320mm
Product height Max. 60mm
Packing speed(bags/min) 40~230
Power supply 220V,50/60Hz,2.6KW
Outsize Dimensions 3770*720*1450mm
Machine weight 900Kg


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