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Bread Flow Packaging Machine|Automatic Flow Wrap Machine for Bakery

  • Application:Moon cake, biscuits,instant noodles,etc..
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Phone/WhatsApp 0086-18538123076
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This bread flow packaging machine is also suitable for packing bread, cookies, biscuit, chikki, peanut candy bar, stick ice cream, mooncakes, instant noodles, candies and other kinds of daily necessities cartons or pallets packing regular objects.
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Characteristics of automatic flow wrap machine for bakery:
1. Dual frequency conversion control, bag length freely adjustable
2. Digital screen, full CNC adjustment, convenient and flexible operation.
3: Anti-cut material can be increased with the device, security will be guaranteed.
4. The high-precision color-coded photoelectric tracking system can adapt to a variety of different color standards, and ensure that the sealing and sealing position of the packaged product is accurate and the printing pattern is complete.
5. The bread flow packing machine with built-in heat pipe sealer to increase speed, enhance sealing reliability, avoid burnt packaging materials, and reduce the loss rate of packaging materials.
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Technical Data
Model CKZS400
Width Of Packing Film (mm) max400
Width Of Bag(mm) 50-180
Product Height(mm) max45
Film roll Diameter(mm) 320
Packing speed(bag/min) 40-230
Machine Domensions(mm) 4020*770*1450
Machine Weight(Kg) 900


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