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Automatic nougar rotary pacakging machine is suitable for food, solid, plastic products, medical supplies, stationery, hardware accessories, small parts, and other kinds of daily necessities cartons or pallets packing regular objects, like chocolate, Wafer coating, biscuit, yolk pie, snickers, cotton candy, brittle bar etc.
automatic nougat packaging machine
Characteristics of nougat packaging machine:
1:Dual frequency conversion control, bag length freely adjustable
2: Digital screen, full CNC adjustment, convenient and flexible operation.
3: Anti-cut material can be increased with the device, security will be guaranteed.
4: Fault self-diagnosis function, clear failure display, Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or wasting film.
servo rotary packaging machine price
Main features of flow wrapping machine for nougats:
1. Multi-function feeding line ensures the automatically feeding. conveying and packing with no damage to the easy-broken surface.
2. The advanced motion control chip cooperates with seven full servo-motors, not only improve the speed but ensure the steady performance for long service life.
3. Directly connect with production line, realize automatic conveying, feeding, filling, date coding and packing without labor force but save the cost. 
4. High degree human-interface design, touch screen, operating and displaying clearly and conveniently operating.
5. Stainless steel frame, high standard, no pollution. 

Technical Data
Model DK-220SE
Film width Max 220mm
Bag length 50-1000mm
Bag width 30-100mm
Product height 5-35mm
Film roll diameter Max 300mm
Packaging speed 25-230bag/min
Packaging materials OPP,OPP/CPP,KOP/CPP,ALU-FILM
Power 4.1KW, 220V,50/60Hz
Machine size (L)3890*(W)910*(H)1390
Machine weight 440kg


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