Toilet Soap Packaging Equipment LG-280

  • Material:soap,instant noodles,dates,biscuits,parts
  • Capacity:50-250 bags per minute
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
This Toilet Soap Packaging Equipment is widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, metal industry, daily chemical industry. Can automatically complete the feed - bag - seal - print batch number - detection work - packaging - counting and other functions.
Structural features:
1, touch-screen display control, parameter setting convenient, high speed and high efficiency.
2, the use of optical tracking technology, digital input, sealing and cutting position more accurate.
3, the fault has an automatic diagnostic function.
4, adjustable thermostat, can only control, can use a variety of packaging materials.
5, dual-frequency control, bag length automatically cut.

Technical Data
Model) LG-280
Width Of Packing Film Max.280mm
Length Of Bags 90- or 150-330mm
Width Of Bag 50-140mm
Product Height Max.40mm
Film Roll Diameter Max.280mm
Packaging Speed 50-250bag/min
Voltage Specification 220V/50HZ
Power Source Specification 2.5kw
Machine Dimensions (L)4000*(W)950*(H)1450mm
Machine Weight 650Kg
Note Can match inflatable,code device


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