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Automatic Bag-sewing Machine LG-35-6A

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Photoelectric switch control start and stop sewing machine, automatic cutting, automatic folding,Suitable for higher automation plants, feed mills, fertilizer plants, food processing plants, ports, terminals and other enterprises to realize the full M-woven materials, paper bags, bags and other automatic packet.
bag-sewing packing machine
Automatic bag- sewing machine installed in the column on the composition of co-automatic hemming charter.This machine is the fastest single needle pocket stitching machine (1500 r / min / 2700 / transfer).
Applicable to all kinds of bags. Good balance between rotating parts, it is desirable Paul almost no vibration. And high-speed bagging line access 
Together with the most ideal conveyor speed can reach 10 m / min. Most of the existing stitching head can be interchangeable. All 
Components are dust components. Using a unique and simple put oil lubrication system closed, which greatly extend the life of the movement document to be used life, while reducing maintenance costs. 
1.The maximum sewing speed 1500-2700 / transfer 8mm thickness of the largest sewing 
2.Stitch length 7-11.5mm double chain stitch pattern 
3.Needle stitching specification 20S / 6 20S / 9 Fiber Line 
4.Way pneumatic cutting tape cutter / wire braid motor power 550W the unit weight of 45kg 
5.The sewing machine is widely used in food, food, chemicals, fertilizers, household chemicals, building materials, fodder, etc.
Technical Data
Model LG-35-6A
Bag Height 300-1000mm,can be adjust by the demand.
Power sewing machine 0.37 KW, folding machine 0.15 KW, conveyor 0.55 K W
Packing range 2.5-50kg
Voltage 380 v / 50 hz
Transmission speed 5-15m / min 300-600 bags / hour
Conveyor length 3m, can be customized according to the production
Air pressure 0.6 MP
Sewing thread cotton, polyester line (double)
Dimension 1190*900*2170mm


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