Sachet Facial Packing Machine|Cream Sachet Filling Machine

  • Material:facial cream,any kind of sauce
  • Capacity:25-60 bag / min
  • Loading Port:Qingdao port
This sachet facial packing machine or cream sachet filling machine is for filling sealing facial cream into small sachet, also suitable for automatic packaging of liquid and viscous fluid state. Such as: Fruit jam, shampoo, shower gel, skin lotion, tooth paste, cosmetic cream, mayonnaise, edible oil, soy sauce, ketchup, spaghetti sauce etc. It can finish automatically all processes, from measuring, date printing, making bag, filling, cutting
Measuring Range: 1-35ml
Bag size(mm) L: 50-110  W:70-160
Packing speed: 25-60 bag / min
Power: 220V/380V/1KW
Sealed bags: 3 sides
Weight: 230KG
Machine size: (L)625*(W)750* (H)1550mm
Technical Data
Item No. LG-60C
Measuring Range 1-35ml
Bag size(mm) L:50-110  W:70-160
Packing speed 25-60 bag / min
Power 220V/380V/1KW
Sealed bags 3 sides
Weight 230KG
Machine size (L)625*(W)750* (H)1550mm


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