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External Vacuum Packing Machine|Stainless Steel Vacuum Packing Machine

  • Application:foods,vegetables,medicine
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Phone/WhatsApp 0086-18538123076
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This vacuum packing machine completes vacuuming, casing, and sealing in one single operation. It is used for packing foods, vegetables, medicine, special dried or preserved foods, aquatic products, electrical units etc, to keep the taste of foods fresh and dry, and to avoid oxidation, and mildew.With complete functions, applicable to the packaging with different requirements, including vacuum packaging, and thepackaging by filling inert gas after vacuuming.
external vacuum packing machine
Advantages of the machine:
1.Stainless steel construction make the machine longer lifetime.
2.T-shape silicone sealing strip and anodized aluminium sealing bar.
3.Easy operating system provide 9 memorized programe to seal different material or different thickness.
4.Maximum safety protection.
5.Small in size,which save lots of space.
6.This external vacuum packaging machine is used in food field,such as seafood, fruits, tea, salt,  soy products and so on, to prevent the oxidation and prolong shelf life. 
7.Stainless operating platform just can be adjusted according to the thickness of the packing materials and not be limited to product appearance size, so for large parts or shaped items this machine is most suitable. 
8.Only pump air in packaging bag, fast speed(only 2 ~ 3 seconds to complete). 
9.The sealing pressure is provided by variable air cylinder of large bore and has strong sealing pressure which completely change the unstable phenomenon of traditional packaging and sealing . 
Technical Data
Model LG-600S LG-600A
Voltage 220v,50Hz 220v,50Hz
Power 1.4kw 1.6kw
Vacuum Chamber size L(Unlimited)*W600mm*
Packing Speed 1-4 pieces/Minute 1-4pieces/minute
Dimension 1060*680*1030mm 1060*680*1030mm
Weight 100kg 110kg
Main Configuration 1.Omron Contact Switch as well as Relay.
2.Indicator Light.
3.Circuit Board
5.A.C. Contactor
6.Solenoid Valve
1.PLC control programming
2.Vacuum Pump(non-oil pump)
3.Germany STEIMEX
5.A.C Contactor
7.Display Text


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