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Peanut Chikki Packing Machine|Peanut Brittle Bar Flow Pack Machine

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This peanut chikki packaging machine is multi-purpose, which can be suitable for a variety of specifications of continuous flow wrap packaging machine. The chikki bar packaging machine can not only be used for peanut brittle, sesame candy bar, but also protein bar, energy bar, snack bar, granola bar etc.
peanut chkki packaging machine
Automatic peanut brittle bar packaging machine Features:
1. Use two inverter control (higher precision can use three servo control), the bag length can be adjusted, saving time and saving film.
2. The chocolate bar packaging machine uses man-machine interface, temperature, speed and other parameters clearly visible, easy control.
3. Adopt colored touch screen, perfect interface between operator and machine. Adopt big colored touch screen, digital temperature controller system, easy to set parameters and easy to operate for changing different size products.
4. World brand high sensivity photocell tracking system, to control product position exactly.
5. Electrical professional design, easy control and more stable.
6. Mechanical professional design, easy operating and improving productivity.
This peanut chikki flow wrapping machine can be used to pack bread, cakes, biscuit, instant noodle, chocolate bar, granola bar, puffs, etc.

Technical Data
Type CK-ZS320
Film width Max. 320mm
Bag length 65-190 mm or 120-280mm
Bag width 50-160mm
Product height Max.45mm
Film roll diameter Max. 320mm
Packaging rate 40-230 bag/min
Power 220V,50/60HZ,2.6KVA
Machine size (L)3770X(W)720X(H)1450
Machine quality 900kg
Remarks Optional Air filling device


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