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Automatic Biscuit Horizontal Flow Packaging Plant

  • Application:biscuit, bread, cookie, instant noodle, ice pops
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Phone/WhatsApp 0086-18538123076
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Automatic flow packing plant is suitable for packaging products such as biscuits, rice cakes, bread, yolk pie, chocolate bar, instant noodles, moon cakes, peanut chikki, sesame candy bar, medicines, daily necessities, industrial parts, cartons or trays. The horizontal flow biscuit packaging plant is with simplified structure, easy operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance, it’s easy and fast to change films and setting when changing products with different sizes.
biscuit flow wrapping packing plant
Features of automatic flow packing machine:
1. The new cantilever frame design facilitates cleaning operations and allows product debris to fall from the packaging machine.
2 All stainless steel protective cover meets hygienic requirements.
3. Chinese touch screen operation interface, clear and reasonable, easy to set, and the product automatically memorizes.
4 The new control system reserves powerful expansion functions, and can add a variety of auxiliary devices and cooperate with automatic feeding systems.
5. By the use of multi-stage differential distantiation and multi-grade feeding belt, the products are arranged neatly, location accurate and high speed.
6. Equipped with stainless steel or nylon baffle. Dismantle the belts without tools, crumble slots are installed in the connecting places and in the bottom of the belt, easy to maintain, save time and effort.
7. Standard configuration equipped with food grade white PU belt, blue anti-microbial belt and anti-sticking belt are optionally available.
flow wrapping plant
The flow wrapping plant is with automatic feeding. Cankey Packaging Machine(Autopackm.com) offer automatic #flow​ #wrapping​ #machines​, which can pack Biscuit, Cookie, Candies, Bread, Brittle, Soap, Chocolate, Instant noodle, Nut bar, Snack bar, Hardware etc.
√ Automatic packaging with feeding
√ Adjustable speed
√ High performance
Cankey packaging machine is a professional technical service team, which can offer you the tailor-made solutions, so as to provide the most suitable feed packing production lines! 
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Technical Data
Details of machine:
Model CK-QKL
Packing speed 50-600bags/min
Power 220V.50HZ.Single phase
Dimension 7864*1000*1600mm
Mainly Electrical configuration
Servo system     TECO JSDEP-15A/JSMA-SC04ABKO1(Taiwan)
Material managing control HONEST EVP-01
frequency changer TECO S310-2P5-H1D
Material managing electric eye BAUMER O300.GR
Color code electric eye(packing machine) BARDELLI KS-C2W
Touching screen(packing machine) Weinview TK6070IQ
encoder(packing machine) ROUNDSS IES38-360-E1-R
Air switch Chat DZ47-60
Filter TOKIN/GT-2200
solid-state relay Schneider 40A
voltage-stabilized source MEAN WELL DC24V 1.5A
solenoid valve Air TAC 220V
Packing machine motor Maili CV18/CH22
Materilal managing motor TIANYANG YS6324/YS7114
 air cylinder AirTAC MAL-CA


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