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Automatic Plastic Chopsticks Packing Machine|Chopsticks Packing Machine

  • Material:PE,Film,ect
  • Capacity:100-200pair/min
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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The automatic plastic film packing machine is speed adjustable, count automatically, sealing and cutting automatically machine for chopsticks packing . It is widely used in small factory .The automatic plastic chopstic packing machine is mainly used for chopsticks film packing.The materail is different . 
chopstick packing machine
Introduction of the automatic plastic film packing machine:
1.The machine is easy to adjust the speed,count automatically,feed-in,sealing and cut to get the PE wrapping chopstick package. 
2.This machine is suitable for PE,Film,ect.material packing,and the packing chopstick is widely used in the restraunt,fast food shop,school.It is good looking and clean . 
3.The packing speed can be adjusted as customed need,the automatic chopsticks packing machine can feed-in,cut and count the chopsticks automatically,which is very smart. 
4.With the equipment of the alarm,the machine will alarm when the seted amount is reached.It is convient for the you to count and pack . 
5.With simple design,one worker can handle the machine . 
Technical Data
Power Capacity Dimension Weight
0.45kw 220v 100-200pair/min 1.6*0.6*1.2m 300kg

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