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Chili Barbacue Sauce Filling Machine|Tomato Ketchup Packaging Machine LG-300

  • Material:Sauce, shampoo, fruit jam, etc..
  • Capacity:40-80 bags per minute
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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This chilli sauce packing machine adopts correcting system controlled by microcomputer, owing to a response signal is and set pass through microcomputer it can accomplish whole set to synchronization, sack length,position fixing, voluntarily follow the tracks of light-mark and voluntarily diagnose trouble and show to screen.
chili sauce filling machine
This sauce sachet flling sealing machine can automatically complete a series of actions, such as bag making, filling, counting and sealing. Suitable for package of foodstuff, daily chemical articles, medicine (For example:ice tea, jellybar, sour milk tea and so on.) It adopts filled with the filling of oneself and certain quantity. The seal is firm seal and long-shaped fully. Belong to packing material of hot-sealing, such as polyester/polyethylene, nylon-compound membrane, strengthen-compound membrance, BOPP and so on.
Multi-channel temperature heat sealing, with accurate temperature control, thermal balance is good, sealed quality for a variety of packaging materials and other characteristics; Flttumt 3, sauces packed pump body made of stainless steel materials, packaging volume can be adjusted within the rated range, package pesticides, cosmetics, liquid or semi-fluid.

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Technical Data
Model LG-300
Bag Size Making L: 40-280mm  | W: 20-120mm
Thickness of Packing Film 0.03-0.07mm
Diameter of Rolling Paper =<400
Dimensions 780x920x1680
Packing Speed 40-80 Bags/min
Power 1.8KW/220V
Measure Range 10-100ML
Weight 350kg


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