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Liquid Pouch Packing Machine|Sachet Filling Machine

  • Material:water,juice,soy milk, etc
  • Capacity:1500-2000bags/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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1. Pouch Packing Machine can automatically measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, hot batch, and all other work.
2. With stainless steel design, this machine simply set the unit to display the desired setting parameters (filling amount and length of bag), the control system will automatically optimize and match the actions, thus achieving best packaging speed .
3. The stepper motor control,with high accuracy, without having to adjust other parts of the length of the bag can be changed, and accurate.
4. Easy to operate and maintain, with adjustable packing speed.
5. Adjustment of speed and length of the bag: packing speed and bag length can be adjusted continuously within the rated range without replacing parts;
6. Unique embedded mouth sealing, enhanced hot sealing mechanism, intelligent temperature control temperature, good heat balance, a variety of packaging materials, performance number, low noise, clear sealing texture, strong sealing.
Technical Data
Model LG-180J LG-688J
Bag size L: 50-170mm
W: 20-135mm
L: 50-300mm
W: 30-200mm
Capacity 20-40 Bags/min 28-60 Bags/min
Filling Range 5-300 ml 5-1000 ml
Power 220v, 50Hz, 1.5kw 220v, 50Hz,1.8kw
Weight 300 kg 350 kg
Dimension 1000*860*1900 mm(L*W*H) 1100*1000*2100 mm(L*W*H)


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