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Medical Face Mask Pouch Packaging Machine CK400-S1 Price

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This face masks pouch packaging machine is a new generation of automatic pillow packaging machine developed by our company. This type of packaging machine can automatically complete the automatic roll bag making, wrapping, sealing and cutting. Suitable for single or multiple continuous packaging of fixed shape items. This type of packaging machine has high production efficiency, low noise, stable performance and beautiful packaging. It can be used with our company's szg type automatic feeder in the production line, and can also be operated in a single machine.
face mask packaging machine price
The main features of this automatic face masks pouch packing machine are:
1. The control and driving core is composed of multiple servo motors, programmable controllers and large color touch-type LCD screens, which greatly improves the control accuracy, speed range, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine; Forming and cutting length, sealing temperature and other parameters are locked more accurately.
2. The multi-servo motor drive realizes the feeding, film feeding, longitudinal sealing, horizontal sealing and output of the packaging machine, simplifies the mechanical transmission system, makes the packaging machine run smoothly and reliably, and significantly reduces the mechanical noise and mechanical failure rate.
3. Adopt dual-drive longitudinal sealing and advanced longitudinal sealing heating technology, the longitudinal sealing temperature is low to ensure that the probability of scalding film is minimized during operation and parking; and the seal is good, the texture is smooth and beautiful.

Video of Automatic Face Mask Pouch Packing Machine:
Technical Data
Model CK400-S1
Thickness of packing material 0.04-0.08 mm
The length of packet 90-430mm
The width of packet 50-180mm
The width of sealing 4-15mm(adjustable)
Voltage 220V/1PH 50/60HZ  3.2KW

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