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Full-automatic Wet Wipes 5-30pcs Pack Production Line

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Wet wipes produciton line can pack 5-30pcs wipes each package, which is widely used for packaging alcohol wet wipes, disinfectants wipes, infant wipes, baby wipes etc.
The working process of wipes production line: raw material unwinding-folding-online liquid medicine addition-fixed length cutting-counting and stacking-conveying-packaging-final wet wipes.

Cankey also offer 30-120pcs Wipes Production Line

wet wipes production line manufacturer
Main technical parameters of automatic wet wipes machine:
(suitable for the production of wet wipes: 5-30 pieces/bag)
Production speed: 300~400 pieces/min
Power supply: 380V 50HZ total power: 10.2KW
Applicable raw materials: spunlace non-woven fabric, hot-rolled non-woven fabric
Material weight: 40-80g/㎡
Folding method: "Z" or double "Z" type
Counting method: automatic counting, variable number of slices stacking system
Expanded size: (150~200)×(150~250) (mm, length×width)
Folded size: (75~100)×(45~80) (mm, length×width)
Control system: the whole machine adopts PLC control system
Other functions: opening device, labeling device, date printing device
Machine net weight: 1800 kg
Machine size: 4700×1100×1800 (mm, length×width×height)
Mixing barrel size: 800×800 (mm, diameter×height) Capacity: 400 liters
wet wipes making machine for sale
Features of automatic 5-30pcs wipes production line:
        1. Spunlace non-woven fabric adopts synchronous conveying
        2. Double labeling machine
        3. Automatically open skylight on packaging film
        4. Reciprocating sealing device
        5. Electric differential, non-stop speed regulation phase
        6. The opening position and the labeling position are set on the touch screen; the length can be adjusted, and the paper clamp roller can be folded in half
        7. Main electrical appliances adopt famous brands
        8. Frame type main frame
automatic wet wipes production line
Cankey offers 5-30 pc wet wipes production line with free consulting services to help customers develop and analyze project feasibility; provide various information about products for customers' reference; we can provide design, installation drawings and production information according to the actual situation of customers.

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