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High Speed Baby Wet Wipes Making Machine Factory Price

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High speed baby wipes making machine made by Cankey packaging machine is used to produce disposable household cleaning wet wipes or baby wipes. Fully automatic wet wipes production equipment can meet the needs of enterprises for high production capacity, and multiple models of products can be selected.

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baby wipes making machine price
Production flow: unrolling - slitting fabric into lanes - folding - wetting - cutting - pile&counting - delivering
Main features of baby wipes making machine:
♥This machine has two lines for producing wet wipes, with servo motors control
♥ Adotp central unwinding nonwoven rolls, with automatic tension control system.
♥ The length of nonwoven can be adjusted.
♥ Individual running, can use one line for producing if you don't want to use two lines.
♥ It is easy and function is very steady. 
♥ The part touching with the liquid is made by stainless steel, the machine with beautiful outline it is controlled by PLC. 
automatic baby wet wipes machine for sale
Automatic baby wet wipes making machine is fully automatic, and the production speed is high and sanitary, can pack 120 packages/min or 2400wipes/min. Bag making and forming device:tension of the film and width and height of packing bags can be adjustable automatically. Packaging,cutting and sealing device:adopting Taiwan Rufong vertical sealing technology,advanced horizontal sealing of Chinese mainland.The seal is firm and beautiful.

Technical Data
Machine model CK-CF2-2
Applied nonwoven material Spunlace or flushable material and degradable material
Nonwoven specification Maximum W800mm, Φ1200mm, core φ76.2mm, online slitting
Nonwoven quantity 2 rolls of nonwoven, non-stop auto splicing, 1 roll running and another roll standby
Applied packing film PET/PE, BOPP/PE, PET/AL/PE laminated film and other heat-seal materials
Packing film specification Maximum W420mm, Φ360mm, coreφ76.2mm
Packing film quantity 2 rolls of packing film, non-stop auto splicing
Applied sticker Transparent sticker or non-transparent sticker
Sticker specification Maximum W100mm,Φ400mm, coreφ76.2mm, 2 rolls of sticker, non-stop switch
Fold type Z fold(otherwise indicated)
Fold size L70-100mm, W50-100mm
Unfolded size L140-200mm, W140-200mm
Package size L130-250mm,W50-100mm,H10-70mm
Production speed 120 packages/min or 2400wipes/min, whichever comes first
External dimension L14500mm, W1850mm, H2350mm
Rated power AC380V(customizable),50/60Hz, three-phase five-wire, 28KW
Compressed air 0.6-0.8Mpa, 165L/min
Net weight about 8500kg


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