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Automatic Disinfecting Wipes Single Sachet Packaging Machine

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Automatic disinfecting wipes single sachet packaging machine can pack wet wipes with 4-side seal, with strong mechanical continuity and stability, the single sachet wipes machine is suitable for the production of all kinds of four-side sealing wet wipes, alcohol wipes, cosmetic wipes and other products.
automatic disinfecting wipes machine
The production process of disinfecting wipes packaging machine: Raw material — the machine completes all processes — finished product output — raw material unwinding — vertical folding — online drug addition — fixed-length cutting — horizontally folded film unwinding — wrapping — vertical sealing — horizontal sealing cutting — finished product.
1. Spunlace non-woven fabric adopts synchronous conveying
2. Roll-cut sealing device
3. Electric differential, non-stop speed regulation phase
4. Adjustable length, fork cardboard fold in half
5. Main electrical appliances adopt well-known brands
6. Frame type main frame
automatic wet wipes packaging machine
Features of automatic disinfecting wipes packaging machine:
♥Using metering pump imported from Japan, a variety of liquids can be subpackaged and mixed, and the control is accurate (the error of adding liquid is 0.01ML/time)
♥Simple and easy to control, PLC touch screen man-machine interface. Servo motor drive; temperature, speed and length of wet wipes can be adjusted freely.
♥Optical and electrical integration design, automatic fault alarm and safety control instructions.
♥The language in the touch screen can be customized according to requirements (8 languages)
Technical Data
Model CK-VPD250
Packaging size 50-110mm  Length
Packaging material Composite materials such as composite films, aluminized films, polyethylene / polypropylene
Wet wipes material 30~80g/m2  Clean paper, wet strength paper, non-woven fabric, spunlace non-woven fabric
Unfold the size of the wet wipes Width:30-240mml
Length:60-240mm(according to requirements)
Folding Method Fold up to 8 times in the longitudinal direction and 4 times in the horizontal direction
Packaging speed 60~120 bags/min
Dosing range 0-5ml Liquid accuracy±0.01ML
Power Single phase 220V  50/60Hz  4.8Kw
Gas consumption air compressor
0.5-0.8m3/min  300-500L/min
Machine weight 1100Kg
Machine size 2800mm×2800mm×1800mm


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