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Automatic Individual Disposable Face Mask Packing Machine CK450-S3

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The Automatic Individual Face Mask Packaging machine has Dual motors and transducer control, besides an additional PLC controller, adjustable bag length cutting, operational assistance saving time and films. Suitable packaging materials: composite aluminum film / aluminum film / paper film, etc.
individual face mask packing machine
Main features of face mask packaging machine:
 The host is made of carbon steel + aluminum alloy structure.
 Low working noise, production of bag making, sealing, push packing, printing date can be completed at one time
Using servo control system and Xinjie touch screen + PLC, multi-language touch screen display, intuitive and simple operation, computer control system runs more stable, can adjust any parameters without stopping, display production speed, batch, and also have self-diagnostic function of equipment failure , Can store ten sets of parameters, changing the variety is more convenient and quick
 The SICK color-coded electric eye tracking system is used to obtain a complete trademark pattern when packaging color-coded packaging materials.
automatic face mask packing machine
Advantages of automatic Disposable Face Mask Packing Machine
 Adopt 3 servo drive, keep the film pulling speed and material pushing speed synchronous, and realize stepless speed regulation.
 3 servo drive system, simple transmission structure and easy maintenance.
The pneumatic switch controls the stretching of the film pulling wheel, the machine stops, the film pulling wheel and the heat sealing wheel open automatically.
It can be used in simple combination with other external supporting equipment such as automatic feeding device of date printing device (TTO printer, ink roller printer), nitrogen filling device and so on.
PID digital temperature control, independent temperature control, sealing temperature deviation ± 1 degree, temperature control is more stable.
This machine is suitable for industries: Automatic measurement and packaging of materials in food, medicine, and chemical products. After packaging, it can prevent oxidation, mildew, corruption, moisture, etc., and extend the shelf life of products.
Technical Data
Thickness of packing material 0.04-0.08 mm
The length of packet 90-430mm
The width of packet 50-180mm
The width of sealing 4-15mm(adjustable)
Max.film width 450mm
The height of product 10-70MM
Packing speed: 20-120pc/Min
Voltage 220V/1PH 50/60HZ  3.2KW


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