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Facial Wet Tissue Bags Packing Machine|Tissue Paper Packaging Machine

  • Material:wet tissue
  • Capacity:10-15bags/min
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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This facial wet tissue bags packaging machine is with reasonable structure and stable performance, strong body, durable service. Full machine has reasonable structure, stable character, solid materials, durable, main controlling parts was imported, other is standards high quality national parts. One machine with one sets output port can pack different specification products, high adjustability, and easily adjustable and convenience.
The effect of packing and sealing is beauty and neat, accuracy positioning control. Putting, Bagging, Sealing is integration packing equipment,save labor, decrease the production cost, improve the efficiency of production, adopting the advanced PCL computer controlling system, easy operation.
The tissue bags packaging machine is equipped with water cooling device, make the wearing parts -heat wire and high temperature resistant adhesive tape more durable. Controlling and Positioning is accurate. Our company will do best for you, we believe some day can be your prefer.
Autopackm.com also offer single sachet wet wipe packing machine
Technical Data
Model LG-500-1
Packing speed 10-15bags/min
Power 220V.50HZ  0.4kw
Air supply 0.5MPA(the buyer itself)
Packing size  130-260X190-450X50-100MM
Machine size  2000MM*1300MM*1550MM
Weight 350KG


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