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Multi-functional Tissue Bagging Sealing Machine|Paper Napkin Packaging Machine

  • Material:tissue,wet tissue
  • Capacity:8-16pc/min
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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Features of Multi-functional Tissue Bagging Sealing Machine:
1. This machine combines with the functions of packing and sealing,adopts PLC computer control, easy to operate and precise control.
2. The good sealing effect, neat and and stable function, and the machine is adjustable .
3. Semi-automatic control, the two machine place opposite directions, the cooperation of worker and machine, achieve the double effect,to save the manpower and reduce the cost.
4. Packing speed:8-15bags/min, the combination of two machine can realize the capacity of 20-25bag/min. The specification of the machine can be customized. It can be used to pack sanitary napkin or baby diaper, etc.
The operational process of tissue bagging sealing machine: Lay the product that ready to sealing on emptying device, the machine will finish the folding, antler and sealing automatically; Automatic convey, belt high temperature heating, it can finish the sealing of product quickly.
This machine can Connect conveyor belt , improve the complete speed of packing, save manpower,to realize machinery all-in-one operation. We accept the specification given by the end-user.
Technical Data
Model LG-600
Packing speed 8-16pc/min
Voltage  220v/50hz
Air supply 0.5mpa
Packing size  30-210* 95-100 * 50-110mm
Machine size  1380*650*1100 mm


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