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LGAS-4 Type Tray Sealing Machine|Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

  • Material:boxes and other products
  • Capacity:400trays/hour
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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This tray sealing machine adapt pneumatic sealing method, using intelligent temperature controller features: artificial push tray, automatic film sealing, cutting film. The machine uses intelligent digital display temperature control system to control the sealing temperature, the temperature error is less than ± 1, high seal strength, good sealing. Body made of stainless steel designed to meet the relevant food hygiene standards. Implementation of parts of the device with pneumatic control system that simplifies the mechanical structure, the failure rate was significantly lower, operation of the machine more stable, secure, sealing beautiful, greatly improving production efficiency and service life of the equipment.
tray sealing machine
Advantage of the machine:
1.Templates can be quickly replaced and the sealing device
2.Small footprint, with automatic detection of the cup (box), the machine automatically reset when the dangerous operation, color of pattern, inflatable, sealing, cutting film, a complete collection of waste film functions
3.Machine made of stainless steel and aluminum to manufacture, in line with food hygiene requirements.
4.Machine slide mould automatically, put tray on mould manually,it adapt pneumatic sealing, take tray outside mould manually.
5.Intelligent digital display temperature control system, with sealing high strength and low failure rate is an enterprise product of choice for automated production.
Technical Data
Model LGAS -4
Power 220V  50/60HZ
Capacity 400trays/hour
Tray Size 100*60mm
Power consumption 2000w
Machine dimension 900*1000*1450mm
Machine weight 100-170 Kg
Main function pneumatic sealing machine
sealing with gas(nitrogen) 


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