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Rotary Type Automatic Cup Filling Sealing Machine

  • Material:yogurt,milk,soy milk,fruit juice,spices,jams,tofu and other products
  • Capacity:800-1000 cups/hour
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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Automatic cups filling sealing machine is made by CNC machine,high precision ,Molds of various shapes can be customized, with PLC programmable control, stable performance, the main components are well known brand. It can be customized automated off cup systems,automaticlly afteroff cup, the cup transported to the set position.
cup filling machine
Features of the liquid cups filling machine:
1.This sheet film function machine can falling cup automaticly ,then filling materials,and put cover automaticlly ,at last sealing the cup .
2.Applicable to all kinds of yogurt, milk, soy milk, fruit juice, spices, jams, tofu and other products
3.Plastic can be done automatically (paper) cup falling cup, filling, date printing, optical positioning, sealing, automatic core cutting and waste film recycling function.
4.Machine with programmable logic controllers, Taiwan pneumatic control components, intelligent digital temperature control system with high seal strength, good sealing, low failure rate, and small size, is the product of choice for business automation.
5.This machine is very easy to operate,before you want to buy this machine ,you should confirm to us your cup’s size,and the weight of per cup ,and your capacity requirements ,then i can suggest the best suitable machine for you .
Technical Data
Model LG-900P
Production capacity 800-1000 cups/hour
Filling volume 50-300ml
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Air consumption 0.6㎥/min
Power 4kw
Dimension 1250*1250*1650mm
Weight 250kg


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