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Continuous Tray Filling And Sealing Machine For Sale

  • Material:yogurt,jelly drinks,etc
  • Capacity:800-1000 trays/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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This fast food filling machine completely automatic continuous type fast-food sealing machine is suitable for box's and so on fast-food, bean curd seals, can be automatic the box the automatic transportation, the ultraviolet ray to disappear functions and so on fungus, two heat-seal, automatic cutting.Has the seal artistic health, the failure rate is low, the membrane does not have characteristics and so on loss, is the dining business automation production first choice product. 
 food tray filling and sealing machine
Advantage of the machine:
1.Applicable to all kinds of yogurt, jelly drinks and other products,
2.Plastic can be done automatically (paper) cup falling cup, filling, filling, automatic suction sheet membrane, UV eliminate bacteria, two heat sealing and other functions.
3.Machine with programmable logic controllers, Taiwan pneumatic control components, intelligent digital temperature control system with high seal strength, good sealing, low failure rate, is the product of choice for business automation.
4.Double sealing, automatic cutting, No waste film.
5.Automatic Tray transportation,No waste film,Stainless steel body
Technical Data
Model LG-800
Production capacity 1 tray per time  output: 800-1000 trays/h
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Air consumption 0.8㎥/min
Power 3.5kw
Dimension 3000*710*1700mm
Weight 700kg


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