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Manual Tray Sealing Machine|Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

  • Material:boxes
  • Capacity:about 450/400 boxes/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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Manual tray sealing machine for a variety of products such as food tray, automatic constant temperatureseaing in manual automatic Recycling.The machine use Intelligent Digital Display Temperature Control System,Sealing looking nice, a bowl of health, and low failure rate.The manual tray sealer is an electrically heated, manual tray sealing machine, is used to seal trays with film.
tray sealing machine
Advantage of the machine:
1)With functions :automatic constant temperature,man power sealing ,automatic cutting film .
2)The whole machine adopts intelligent digital temperature control system,with beautiful seal, the box health, low failure rate, is the product of choice for automated production of food and beverage companies.
3)The whole machine use Intelligent temperature control system .
4)Sealing beautifully ,and according to food stuff sanitation,low failure rate.
5)Stainless steel construction.
6)Tray mould fast replacement.
7)Stable and safe temperature control system.
8)Friendly and simple in operation for user.
9)Machine in customized dimension is available to be made according to your special tray.
Technical Data
Model LG200 LG300
Power 220V  50/60HZ 220V  50/60HZ
Capacity about 450 boxes/h about 400 boxes/h
Power consumption 600w 1200w
Temperature 0-240 celsius degree  
Machine dimension 480*210*530mm 500mm*700mm*550mm
Tray Size 200*140mm(the area is customized by your demands)  270*220mm(the area is customized by your demands) 
Machine weight 18kg  


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