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LGKIS-1 Small Tray Sealing Machine|Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

  • Material:noodle,wheaten food,fruit jelly,pudding etc.
  • Capacity:300-400 trays/hour
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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1.Cup stealing machine has the functions of sealing and gas. It adopts intelligent temperature controller and strong sealing function. Fuselage of Stainless steel is up to food standard. The usage of pneumatic parts simplifies the mechanical structure, decrease the breakdown. 2.The performance of the machine is more stable and safe. The machine is suitable for using roll of plastic film and aluminium film, it is widely used in beverage, milk and food industries.
3.Machine adopts computer controller with structure of stainless steel and Al alloy. Its High quality seal with ingenious appearance are widely welcomed on market . 
4.It suit for seal cups, plastic bowls, paper cans and paper cylinder like instant noodles bowl, potato chips can, milk cup, ketchup cup etc for any kinds shape plastic and paper materials.
5.We can customize the nonstandard cup seal machine based on customer products. 
cup stealing machine
Advanctage of the machine:
1.The use of electricity, gas, machine control, human-machine interface dialogue by a programmable logic controller (PLC) with touch screen,
2.Each part of the action and control parameters can be set by the PLC, modify. Convenient and reliable control, low failure rate.
3.After the goods have been filling the box into the lower cavity packaging process automatically: vacuum, inflatable - hot sealing -cut - packaging products discharged.
4.Chassis and other major components made of stainless steel, in line with food hygiene requirements.
5.Machine easy operate and high efficient.
6.To prevent evaporation and keep food delicious, increase shelf life. Suitable for low temperature display, security, health, improve the quality of goods.
Technical Data
Model LGKIS-1
Power 220V  50/60HZ
Tray Size 100*60mm
Power consumption 650w
Machine dimension 750*480*650mm
Capacity 300-400trays/hour
Machine weight 60Kg
Main function pneumatic sealing machine
sealing with gas(nitrogen)
machine slide mould automatically put tray on mould manually
machine slide mould automatically gas pneumatic sealing
machine slide mould automatically take tray outside mould manually


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