Film Wrapping Machine For Bottles and Cans LG-5038B

  • Material:Sealing PE film
  • Capacity:0-12 pcs per minute
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
Bottle Film Wrapping Machine is suitable for shrink wrapping cans, mineral water bottles, drinks and other bottled products bottomless care (or bottom care) or cement foam insulation board, cardboard boxes, floors, ceramics and other large-scale packaging heat shrinkable packaging; same time and temperature supporting the use of PE shrink tunnel, so to achieve the perfect item packaging effect. This machine adopts Germany advanced technology, its main parts are well-known foreign brands; Stable performance and long service life.
Technical Data
Model LG-5038B
max packing size 380×450×380mm
min packing size 60×60×60mm
voltage and power 220~240V,50-60HZ; 1.8KW
speed 0-12pcs/min
Sealing cutting time 0.5-1.5s
loading weight 30kg
film width and thickness 600mm/0.03-0.25mm
machine size 1020×830×1980mm
machine weight 225kg
film material PE, POF, PVC, PP


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